Xencelabs expands tablet product with Pen Tablet Small

Xencelabs Small and Medium tablet

Xencelabs Technologies Ltd. announced Pen Tablet Small, a compact opaque tablet designed for a range of professional creative applications. The new device joins the recently launched Pen Tablet Medium as part of the new company’s rapidly expanding product line. The Pen Tablet Small is nearly 2/3 the size of the Medium.

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small standard version is available for $199.99; the Quick Keys remote control option can be purchased separately for $89.95.

“Our approach in developing Pen Tablet Small was the same as it’s been since the day our company launched,” said Alexa Matteri, marketing manager at Xencelabs. “We will continue to design tablets that creatives can adapt to their needs and physical preferences. Artists all have unique preferences and physical characteristics.”

The company said this new tablet is optimal for creating graphics layouts, when graphics editing involves control points, transformation handles or filters, or useful in a photographic editing workflow. People who have a smaller drawing stroke (from the wrist with less arm movement) may also prefer a smaller tablet. Other uses for this type of tablet include non-traditional applications like writing and mathematics or educational settings, especially in distance learning applications.

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