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A closer look at interchangeable lens cameras, from InfoTrends Market research News 

A closer look at interchangeable lens cameras, from InfoTrends

KeyPoint Intelligence/InfoTrends recently shared some data from the recently released “2018 U.S. Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera (DILC) Lens Market Study”. The study shows DSLRs enjoy more popularity among point-and-shoot and smartphone owners who are considering the purchase of digital camera within the next year.

Interestingly, the chart shows point-and-shoot owners were more interested in professional and advanced DSLRs than smartphone users. Smartphone users were also less likely to know what kind of camera they want. For retailers looking to upsell smartphone photographers into interchangeable lens cameras, keep in mind more education is going to be needed.

The following table shows the demographics of those segments considering a purchase of a digital camera.

Demographics of DILC Purchase Intenders

Smartphone P&S
Age (Mean) 34 yrs. 36 yrs.
Male/Female 57%/43% 63%/37%
Single 51% 36%
Parent 61% 70%
Children in the HH 60% 65%
HH Income $59,600 $69,800
Type of Photographer
Snapshooter 32% 16%
Memory Keeper 34% 32%
Hobbyist/Adv. Hobbyist 25% 45%
Semi-professional 4% 4%

For more information on the study, click here.

(Definitions: Point-and-shoot owners own a point-and-shoot camera and do not own a digital interchangeable lens camera, but they can own other devices like a smartphone, a video camera, etc.)


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