FrameALIVE is a new hybrid imaging service for prints and videos

Lionel Quataert, co-founder of FrameALIVE, presents the company’s business at photokina

Bridging the gap between print and video, especially in the professional photo market, has been the goal of many startups. We recently spoke with Lionel Quataert, co-founder of FrameALIVE, a new company with an innovative approach to the problem. FrameALIVE was recently featured Imaging Lab at photokina.

The service is a video-first solution, where images and videos are independently linked. The photographer selects a still frame from a video, and uploads both to the service. (As an alternative, the photographer can paste a link to a YouTube video in place of uploading a video.) When the print is made, a customizable icon is positioned in the corner. The photographer has the choice of using a web dashboard, a mobile app or desktop software to make the FrameAlive.

To see the video, the user scans the image and the video plays automatically.

Quataert said the system was developed, with his partner, Diego Piuma, a professional photographer, to enable more complete storytelling. The video clip tells the story behind the picture with sound and motion. “A frame from a video can be the perfect intense moment to feature,” he said.

The benefits for photographers and filmmakers, he adds is FrameALIVE offers a unique and different experience for clients, for both personal moments – weddings, birthdays, etc. – and business purposes – real estate, promotional displays – and more.

FrameALIVE content can be created through a web dashboard, a mobile app or desktop software. To see the video, the user scans the image with the FrameALIVE mobile app (iOS or Android),