New from labs: progressive book builder and hope for abandoned projects

Progressive Book Builder

For those of you who have evaluated our demo mobile apps, you would have found that you often had to wait 45-60 seconds for the photos to be analyzed and your photobook to be built. This is sometimes as long as three minutes. That’s a thing of the past now. We have spent the better part of the year completely re-writing our book builder and analysis pipeline to make them even nimbler. Now photobooks get built almost instantly, and users get to watch the magic unfolding before their eyes in real-time as our engine crafts the books and tweaks pages as it progresses.

aiRecap; Retrieve and Complete Abandoned Projects

Hands-up those of you who have amassed a wasteland of abandoned photobook projects that are taking up space on your S3 bucket? This black-hole of forgotten memories are costing you cloud fees! And you are desperately throwing senseless free page and discount codes at it to get them to come back. Sounds familiar? Wouldn’t it be great if you could send those poor abandoned souls to us for (auto)completion so that you can send your users a completed book project that they can tweak and order? Ping us to find out how!

ABOUT PHOTOBOOK.AI is a spin-off from muvee Technologies, the inventor of automatic video editing and holder of more than 26 patents. Harnessing more than 15 years of deep experience in developing video solutions on mobile coupled with automatic storytelling using computer vision and AI, developed the fastest and smartest photobook creator software on the planet. The SDKs for Automatic Photobook creation (Albumstory) and Advanced Face Recognition and Scoring (iFace) are available for license for both Android and iOS, and also on Windows and Mac OS X.

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