Improving customer acquisition and customer engagement online

The art of selling is a constant, regardless of the area. According to Zig Ziglar, according to one of the chief authorities on the selling, real success stems from getting people to trust you in order for them to want to do business with you. Though Ziglar developed this concept long before the emergence of e-commerce, it is still true. Today’s online businesses work hard – through customer ratings and verification services – to present a trusted persona. If that trust is violated, customers can fight back via social media posts and review sites.

One way to build that trust from the onset is to offer a spectacular experience before, during and even after the transaction is completed. It is only through these engaged shoppers the customer acquisition and retention cycle can really kick-start, for it is through their reviews, referrals and repeat business that an online business can thrive.

Every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle presents your business with unique opportunities to build memorable connections with anyone who interacts with your web store and enhance their overall experience. Mediaclip’s “Building a Customer Connection” whitepaper explores different tactics marketers must master to succeed in the art of selling online, including:

  • Developing a mix of activities to gain brand visibility online like blogging, video marketing, social marketing and pay-per-click advertising
  • Using trusted online influencers to act as brand ambassadors, thereby gaining access to their massive followings
  • Employing promotional psychology to create appealing offers that entice new and returning customers to engage in business with your brand
  • Understanding how often and via which medium to engage with shoppers in order to respect privacy yet stay top-of-mind
  • Creating targeted and personalized experiences for customers by offering relevant information on and off your web store
  • Humanizing your brand via social platforms to foster customer loyalty as well as establish a baseline of trust with prospects

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