How AI is going to shake up the volume photography market

Recently, the team had the opportunity to attend the Sports and Schools Annual Conference (SPAC) in Las Vegas, Nev. It was our first time attending the show, and we were impressed by the opportunity for artificial intelligence and, in particular, for facial recognition to reinvigorate the industry.

It’s no secret the buy rates in the school and events industry has been declining for a decade. Parents have an overabundance of photos of the children, so a school portrait – which used to be one of the few nice photos a child may have – is now one of many. It’s up to computer vision technology to improve the buying for mom and dad and create a whole new generation of products.

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In particular, offers a compelling set of capabilities, the most important of which is on-device processing. The Albumstory suite of technologies does not require the cloud to work its magic, unlike other face-detection offerings. This alone makes the Albumstory AI-SDK an ideal solution for mobile firms who may not have reliable internet connections. It is also much faster, which is suitable for a point-of-sale application where curated images can be presented for purchase to a customer nearly instantly. It’s no longer necessary for a parent to scroll through galleries of sports photos to find their child’s images on the field.

Albumstory AI technology can detect jersey numbers and colors, along with faces. This is especially useful in youth sports like baseball, softball, and football where a player’s features may be obscured by a helmet. Now, licensees of this technology can create albums instantly of all photos of one player, based on their face ID, their uniform color and number. The iFace SDK can also group a face over time, so a collection of photos across an athlete’s career can be curated – all without the cloud, ensuring speed and privacy. wants to help the industry use AI to radically monetize their large volumes of photos.

iFace SDK is a premium advanced vision intelligence engine with face detection, face recognition, and face-quality algorithms. The iFace SDK, when used together with Curation and Events Engine supports Face Recognition and people grouping functions, like creating a Collection of individual players on a team. The proprietary face-recognition technology works in shadows, with eyewear, and with other partial occlusions.

The Events Engine uses a proprietary Events Intelligence algorithm which creates Collections based on time and place, things and/or frequently occurring faces, hence automatically proposing meaningful stories worth curating.

The Curation Engine contains the AI, semantic and computer vision algorithms to analyze the Collection. It ranks images by its Quality, removes duplicates, ensures visual variety in the mix, detects faces, removes documents and identifies key images like those of food, coffee, landscapes, people, cats, dogs, and babies. Its breadth of vocabulary and understanding of the world is constantly expanding as it uses deep learning neural networks to continuously refine and learn to recognize often-captured moments by users.

The Layout Engine uses intelligent design rules to create layouts to target page and photo dimensions. This engine can choose a single photo from a burst series, automatically place panoramas as a spread and avoids cropping faces regardless of layout. The Layout Engine can also be totally replaced by the auto-fill and templates of licensees whereby it can be asked to only return a suggested page-grouping list.

ABOUT PHOTOBOOK.AI is a spin-off from muvee Technologies, the inventor of automatic video editing and holder of more than 26 patents. Harnessing more than 15 years of deep experience in developing video solutions on mobile coupled with automatic storytelling using computer vision and AI, developed the fastest and smartest photobook creator software on the planet. The SDKs for Automatic Photobook creation (Albumstory) and Advanced Face Recognition and Scoring (iFace) are available for license for both Android and iOS, and also on Windows and Mac OS X.

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