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BeFunky launches batch processing for editing hundreds of photos at once New Products Press releases 

BeFunky launches batch processing for editing hundreds of photos at once

Tekin Tatar, BeFunky CEO

“BeFunky’s Creative Platform is constantly evolving to improve the photo editing and design workflow for our users. Now that we’ve added Batch Processing, our users can save an incredible amount of time when it comes to editing their photos,” explains BeFunky CEO, Tekin Tatar. “Whether they want to crop photos, resize images, add photo filters, or do any sort of uniform photo editing, we’ve got something for every user to edit their images all at once, faster than ever.”

BeFunky’s new Batch Processing feature allows users to access a vast library of photo editing tools and effects to apply to their images in bulk. It is now the fastest way for users to apply functional edits like cropping and resizing images. The Crop tool allows users to crop hundreds of photos in freeform mode or choose from an extended menu of popular aspect ratios, and will even detect the focal point of each individual image for smart cropping. The Resize tool lets the user decide the metrics by which they would like to resize images, including percentages and pixels, allowing the user total control over the image resizing process. The ability to use tools like these in bulk is a game changer, making the photo editing workflow more efficient than ever.

“Using tools like Crop and Resize are a common starting point for our users, especially when it comes to editing images for blogs, product photography, and other online uses. Our Batch Processing gives users the fastest and most convenient solution for cropping and resizing hundreds of photos all at once – they no longer have to spend the time applying tools like these on a one-by-one basis,” says Tatar.

In addition to more functional photo editing tools that allow users to crop, resize, sharpen, and improve image color, they can also access a wide variety of photo editing filters and effects for editing photos in bulk. From a variety of Black and White photo filters to Chromatic, Vintage Colors, and more, users have the ability to apply customizable effects to their entire batch of photos at once. This allows for more precise photo editing, perfect for users looking to personalize their images with a cohesive look.

Not only does Batch Processing save users a massive amount of time in their photo editing sessions, it also saves storage space on their computers. When batch images are saved post-editing, they are automatically packaged into a zip file for easy transportation and storage. Users have the ability to adjust image compression quality right from the save menu, giving them more control over the storage space and attachment size of their zip files. Once again, BeFunky has thought of every detail to make editing photos as powerful and efficient as possible, all the while keeping things simple for the everyday user.

“We want everyone, no matter what their skill level or specialty, to be able to edit their images with the power that you’d find in professional-level software, only with tools and options that are easy to understand from the get-go,” explains Tatar. “With Batch Processing, our users now have access to powerful tools that will make their photo editing workflow more seamless and efficient than ever, whether they have three photos to edit or three hundred. It’s truly a game changer.”

About BeFunky

Founded in 2007, BeFunky pioneered the first online photo editing application from a desire to integrate art and technology. BeFunky’s Photo Editor is designed to give users the power to make any moment magic – in an instant, and all in one application. Today, BeFunky is more powerful than ever. It is the only photo editor that works across platforms and seamlessly integrates a Collage Maker and Graphic Designer. With hundreds of new features available, anything you can imagine, BeFunky can help you create it. More information is available at


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