Dead Pixels Society podcast: Excire launches AI-powered image management tool, Excire Foto

Erhardt Barth, co-founder of Excire Inc.

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talks with Erhardt Barth, co-founder of Excire Inc., about the company’s new desktop-based image management tool, Excire Foto. Excire Foto is a powerful app designed for easy photo management and quick content-based browsing. As a local program, it doesn’t require cloud computing and therefore has built-in privacy. Pageau and Barth discuss the company’s background, the technology, the need for intelligent image management, and the role of privacy in AI.

Excire Inc. is an American corporation dedicated to bringing useful AI technology to photographers. The Excire technology is developed by the Pattern Recognition Company (PRC), a German AI firm that started in 2005 as a spin-off of the University of Lübeck.

Professor Barth is co-founder of the Pattern Recognition Company and Excire Inc. and CEO of PRC. He has a PhD in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Munich, did post-doctoral work at NASA Ames, and is an internationally recognized expert in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He founded and co-founded several companies including the gestigon GmbH, now a Valeo brand.