Fujifilm announces firmware updates, camera control kits

Fujifilm Corp. will release the latest firmware update for the 102-megapixel flagship FUJIFILM GFX100 in June 2021. Among the updates:

  1. The new firmware updates the camera’s autofocus algorithm to the latest version to boost AF speed and Face/Eye-detection performance, enhancing AF accuracy even in portrait photography that involves subject movements.
  2. The new firmware enables coordinated control of the camera’s in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and a lens’s optical image stabilization (OIS). Image stabilization is applied with optimum correction based on the two mechanisms’ acceleration, frequency detected by gyro sensors and the amount of camera shakes to minimize motion blur even when shooting handheld.
  3. The firmware adds the Film Simulation “Nostalgic Neg.,” characterized by colors and tones reminiscent of the “America New Color,” which emerged in the 1970s to advocate the potential of color expressions to the world and established color photography as the mainstream style for photographic fine arts.

Download the firmware here.

Fujifilm also introduced a version update of the Pixel Shift Combiner software supporting the “Pixel Shift Multi-Shot” function available in the FUJIFILM GFX100 and FUJIFILM GFX100S. The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function automatically takes images while shifting the camera’s image sensor to record information about all three colors for each of its pixels, thereby allowing color reproduction that completely eliminates false colors.

Download the latest Pixel Shift Combiner software here.

Fujifilm also announced the release of the Fujifilm X Series and GFX System Digital Camera Control SDK, which will help software developers integrate the functionality of X Series and GFX System cameras into any applications. Available on now, the SDK will allow developers to initiate the automatic transfer of images, from a supported Fujifilm camera, to a computer using a Windows or macOS. Remote access to the basic controls of any supported Fujifilm camera is also supported. Information regarding the conversion of the RAW image data contained in Fujifilm’s proprietary RAF file is not provided with this SDK.

Click here for information on the SDK.