Fujifilm launches new Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona concept

Fujifilm Wonder Shop Barcelona

Fujifilm Europe GmbH has updated its Wonder Photo Shop retail concept “to become a reference for the photographic culture, addressing the entire community: from analog and instant photography enthusiasts to the photo amateur and digital professional photographers.”

Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona is the first reference concept of an initiative that was born 7 years ago in Barcelona, becoming a new photo business concept Fujifilm has been deploying in Spain, Europe and around the world. On Oct. 8, 2015, the first shop in Europe under the Wonder Photo Shop name opened in Barcelona. During these 7 years of the Wonder Photo Shop, the concept has expanded throughout Spain, and Europe and has jumped to other continents, encouraging creativity and customization of photo images that make up our most valuable memories.

“We hope that all our friends will join us in this new 360-degrees degrees project and that we can continue to expand the number of followers that Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona has garnered over the years, the origin of a large global community that continues to promote photography in all its dimensions, from analog to digital and including the most disruptive technologies such as AI,” says Eduardo López, Director of Imaging and Recording Media at Fujifilm Europe GmbH, Sucursal en España.