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GearUp launches specialized online marketplace for photographers, filmmakers

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GearUp is a new online marketplace to bring together photographers, filmmakers, and hobbyists with free tools to connect buyers and sellers of new and used equipment. The free app, available for free download on the Apple App Store or Google Play, currently supports a diverse collection of new and used cameras, lenses, drones, and lighting equipment listed by users from across the country.

“A majority of cameras and accessories purchased by professionals and personal users end up on the used market,” said Caleb Blasingame, founder and COO, GearUp. “The digital camera industry has seen a huge influx in new users as TikTok and other video-based social platforms have grown. These creatives are looking for new tools of the trade to purchase and for an easy way to sell old equipment to fund these new items.”

To date, more than 2,100 GearUp users have signed up and listed a diverse selection of new and used cameras, lenses, drones, lighting equipment, and more on the free app. Items currently for sale include brands from the industry’s top retailers. In addition, the GearUp blog provides professional tips and educational content.

“The app itself I found to be exceptional in terms of usability and interface design, something I don’t see oftentimes, but GearUp makes a potentially complicated process very easy,” said Tim Donahue, founder of BigStock Photo.

“I know firsthand how hard it is to keep up with the new equipment released each year. It’s exciting to see how far the industry has come but it can also be frustrating as a user trying to stay current,” said Joel Van Zeventer, founder and CEO, GearUp. “We designed GearUp to bring passionate creatives together in one place to share equipment and help fund their next purchase. Making the app as simple to use as possible, protecting our user’s data security, and providing a low-cost way to buy and sell items were our top priorities.”


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