HDRsoft releases HDR Photo Exposure Calculator App for iOS

The App Calculates Exposure Bracketing Settings for High-End HDR Photography; A Web Version is also Available

Producing a good quality HDR image sometimes involves finding the exact exposures required when photographing scenes with a particularly high contrast, such as an interior with a bright view outside the windows. The HDR Exposures Calculator app calculates required settings, the number of exposures, and the number of bracketed sets to take. This eliminates time spent on guesswork, trial and error, or tedious calculations.

Users meter the shadow and the highlight areas they want properly exposed and enter these shutter speeds into the app, along with the camera’s Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) options. The app then determines the settings required to capture the dynamic range of the scene. This includes the number of photos needed, how many AEB sets to take, how many shots in each, and the shutter speeds to set.

HDR Exposures Calculator can also be used as a learning tool. By visualizing the process of determining exposures needed, photographers can familiarize themselves with HDR calculations until they no longer rely on the app.

The HDR Exposures Calculator app is now available for iPhone or iPad for $2.99. HDRsoft is also offering a free web version, which can be used at hdrsoft.com/ev. The web version runs in any browser and does not require an Internet connection to perform calculations. A FAQ is provided to help users get started.


HDRsoft develops photo editing software applications and pioneered HDR photography with the introduction of its Photomatix software in 2003. Today, the company continues to build easy-to-use photography software applications that are ideal for high contrast scenes, such as landscape, architecture, and more. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has staff in the USA and several other countries.