Herff Jones adding digital twist to graduation photos with StageClip investment

Herff Jones, Stage Clip Logos

Herff Jones, the achievement division of Varsity Brands, announced a strategic investment in StageClip, the U.K.- based provider of personalized video recognition clips for students. The investment includes an exclusive multi-year commercial agreement allowing all Herff Jones and Varsity Brands customers to exclusively utilize StageClip technology for the benefit of their institution’s brand and students across North America.

StageClip’s patent-protected technology has enabled more than one million StageClip graduates across the world to receive personalized clips capturing their live, on-stage graduation moments, the company says. Students receive their school-branded clips shortly after their graduation to instantly share on social media with their friends and families.

Cross continent partnership

The two companies have been collaborating since 2020, and this extended partnership will create new opportunities to better serve the needs of their collective customer base in the K-12 and college markets, outside of virtual ceremonies.

“This strategic and exclusive partnership enables Herff Jones and StageClip to continue offering schools and students a truly differentiated offering that helps ensure they capture, celebrate and share the treasured milestones that are so central to the school experience,” said Brian Fleming, Herff Jones’ Senior Vice President and General Manager of College and Commercial. “The combination of StageClip’s state-of-the-art platform and our strong relationships with schools allows us to deliver a great branding tool for campuses at commencement — their single largest public-facing event outside of athletics. This also provides schools with an industry-leading tool to foster alumni relations and capitalize on those deep and meaningful alumni relationships.”