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KelbyOne launches new subscription plan: 300+ courses for $10 a month

KelbyOne launches new lower-priced subscription plan with on-demand access to 300+ online photography courses for just $9.99 a month.

According to KelbyOne’s CEO Scott Kelby, “We hear from photographers all the time that they’ve been watching free tutorials and videos but they’re just not seeing a real difference in their images. We wanted to create a way for them to have access to this level of education, but at a lower-priced entry point, so we created this new plan at half the price but with a kick-butt collection of 300+ amazing HD-quality full-length courses. That averages around just .40¢ a course annually. That’s a seriously incredible value, especially when you see individual classes being sold out there for $49, $99, even $299 for just one class.”

KelbyOne’s Plus Plan has an instructor roster made up of the best known in the industry, including Peter Hurley, Joe McNally, Lindsay Adler, Moose Peterson, Scott Kelby, Jeremy Cowart, Joel Grimes, Kristina Sherk, Jay Maisel, Matt Kloskowski, Terry White, Dave Black, and Kaylee Greer, among others. Steve Brazill of This Week in Photography called KelbyOne’s photography education, “the standard by which all online training is judged.”

“This new plan is designed to give photographers the tools and techniques they need to get results and start seeing a real difference in their images right away. We know great education is the key and we’re excited about this new KelbyOne Plus Plan. It’s a real opportunity for photographers to take a big jump in the type of images they create, at a price they can easily afford.” Kelby added.


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