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KitSplit acquires the Free Music Archive

NEW YORKDec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —,  the community marketplace for camera rentals, today announced that they have acquired the Free Music Archive. KitSplit,  which has been called “The Airbnb of creative equipment” by Forbes and Fast Company, allows filmmakers, photographers and other creatives to save time and money renting camera gear from vetted local professionals & small businesses. Free Music Archive is a community of creators and an interactive library of curated, high-quality, free legal music with over 128,000 songs, originally started by the legendary radio station WFMU.

“At KitSplit, our mission is to enable all storytellers, regardless of background, budget or location, with accessible, affordable, easy-to-use tools for creation,” said Lisbeth Kaufman, CEO and CoFounder of KitSplit. “WIth the acquisition of the Free Music Archive we can now bring filmmakers the world’s best gear paired with awesomely curated free music.”

KitSplit will incorporate the 10 million creators using the Free Music Archive into the KitSplit community. KitSplit will help FMA users continue to get high-quality free music, as well as access to the best gear rentals on the planet. For existing KitSplit rental users, the FMA acquisition means an even larger, more valuable community, as well as easier access to the world’s best curated free music.

Since FMA started in 2009, it has been an incredible resource for filmmakers, videographers, and creatives of all stripes. It began as a project directed by the legendary Jersey City radio station WFMU. Filmmakers and videographers have always been a core part of the FMA community, and appreciated the wide array of curated, free, legal songs available.

“Many of us at KitSplit have admired and used FMA over the years. At heart, our missions are aligned: supporting artists, tapping the power of the community, and fostering a more vibrant creative culture,” said Kristina Budelis, President and cofounder of KitSplit.

About KitSplit: 

KitSplit is a rental marketplace transforming the film and photography  world, making it easier and more affordable to rent cameras and related gear.  Sometimes called the “Airbnb of creative equipment,” KitSplit connects vetted people and companies who own gear with those looking to rent. KitSplit saves renters time and money with its inventory of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gear, instant insurance, and on-demand delivery. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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