Lizzie Ross from London creates the 75 millionth CEWE Photobook

CEWE CEO Dr. Christian Friege (left), star photographer Christie Goodwin (right) and customer Lizzie Ross (center) with the 75 millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK at a special presentation at the White Field City shopping center in London.

CEWE announced its 75 millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK was produced for customer Lizzie Ross in the United Kingdom. CEWE started producing its signature books in 2005 and the millionth copy rolled off the presses two years later. The company says the CEWE PHOTOBOOK is now the best-selling photo book in Europe. About 6.5 million are produced each year.

CEWE’s 75 millionth book was made by Boots customer Lizzie Ross, featuring personal memories of the holiday together with her partner, Nik, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

“Our customers record their very personal stories in the CEWE PHOTOBOOK: from vacation trips, from family life or from special celebrations,” says Dr. Christian Friege, CEO, CEWE. “These moments of joy can be experienced again and again – now 75 million times and always in the best quality. CEWE will ensure that also in the future.”