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Mediaclip sets standards with new version of Photoshop Extension

MONTREAL, QC. September 10, 2018 – Mediaclip ™, the premier developer of white-label software solutions which allow for the creation of a wide range of personalized printed products, released the new version of its Photoshop Extension. This content creation tool enables Mediaclip’s customers to easily and cost-effectively design new themes that can be incorporated into their product selection, enabling them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Marion Duchesne, Mediaclip CEO

“In today’s very competitive market, being able to create new trendy content quickly is one of the best ways to attract and retain customers. Renewing your designs, offering seasonal content and adapting your offering to your customer’s specific preferences is key in building a stronger brand loyalty,” said Marion Duchesne, CEO, and Founder of Mediaclip.

The Mediaclip Photoshop Extension was developed to make the creation of new personalized content easier and more cost-effective. This extension supports a wide variety of graphic elements, such as strokes, monogram, embellishments and it also supports static elements that help you manage licensed content. The Mediaclip Photoshop Extension allows several designers to create new content simultaneously and also enables both print and web versions of graphic assets to be exported directly into a Mediaclip ready format that can be used right away.

According to Christian Rondeau, C.I.O. of Mediaclip “this new version of the Mediaclip Photoshop extension is the first of a series of enhanced creation tools, planned for later this year. These will support an even wider range of sophisticated high-end products and designs like an embossed book, multi-language card themes and more”.

This new version of the extension works with the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud. Indeed, it was improved with several new features that make the extension more flexible in terms of design functionalities and optimize the connectivity between the Extension and other components of the Mediaclip environment. More information on Mediaclip’s new Photoshop extension can be found here.

You can also download this extension specifications directly or visit our website ( to learn about how personalization can change the way you approach online retailing.


Mediaclip™ develops easy-to-use software solutions enabling the creation of any personalized products from consumer and professional photos for businesses, brands, and licensed images. Our solutions are offered in a wide range of business models to address the specific needs of our customers’ market strategy. Available on premise or as a hosted solution.

A privately-held company headquartered in Montreal, Mediaclip offers worldwide support. Our software solutions are currently integrated into hundreds of leading photo websites around the world.


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