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Parabo shutters Photojojo newsletter

Popular photo-gadgets email Photojojo is shutting down, according to an email sent by owner Parabo Press. Excerpt below:

Hello fellow Photojojo-ers,

I have bad news, so I’ve been dragging my feet on writing this email (don’t worry I didn’t drag my feet on this actual email – so that smell isn’t me).

We’re shutting down Photojojo. *Waaaaaaaaaaaaah* Yeah, my inner toddler is throwing a fit too.

I’ve made the tough (but right – imho) decision to close PJ’s virtual doors because our tiny team doesn’t have the bandwidth to run Photojojo as the majestic unicorn of a photo gear lovin’ community that we know it can be, and no one puts unicorn in a corner.

BUT, this sadness storm does have a rainbow at the end, we’re still here and working as hard as ever on Parabo Press (check it out. Love it. Love us)!

Parabo Press purchased Photojojo in 2014, after several years as a popular seller of photo gadgets likephone lenses for iPhone and Android devices, time-lapse cameras, lapel mics, solar chargers, phone filter kits and photography drones. At the time, Photojojo was reported to have 2 million subscribers. Parabo Press is a unit of Zoomin.


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