Online marketplace for photography, PhotogBooker goes Live

PhotogBooker will help online users search for professional photographers and book their services


PhotogBooker is the online marketplace that brings together photographer and customer from around the world. The search for the most suitable, experienced or skilled photographer ends at PhotogBooker, where clients can easily browse through listings and profiles, carry out text search, or simply browse services on a navigable world map.

“PhotogBooker will make finding and booking a professional photographer a breeze, whether it is for personal portraits, wedding photography services, real estate photography requirements or just professional photoshoots for a resume or organizational team,” said a spokesperson for PhotogBooker.

Visitors to PhotogBooker can search by location, specialty or view profiles and read customer reviews. Sessions can be booked online, and the photographer or service will contact the customer to arrange for payment. The PhotogBooker service comes free of charge.

A marketplace for photographers is the best thing to have happened in this competitive space. For customers, the site offers valuable information and help in the form of prices, reviews, portfolios, and details of the services.

“PhotogBooker made it easy to research on photographers, and book too. Very quick,” says a recent visitor testimonial.

For photographers, joining the platform holds tremendous benefits. As a global marketplace, PhotogBooker works round the clock to keep photographers engaged and booked no matter what the local season. There are no setup fees or commissions to be paid, and there is a 30-day free trial package available. Membership benefits include enhanced profiles, session bookings, search priority, higher search rankings, reviews and promo codes.

About PhotogBooker

PhotogBooker brings Photographers and Clients together. Our verified listings and reviews ensure a high level of trust when hiring Photographers. Photographers, find out how PhotogBooker can showcase your skills and increase your business. To know more, please visit: