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Pakor announces merger with Imaging Spectrum

Photo industry distributors Pakor Inc. and Imaging Spectrum have merged, according to an announcement on the Pakor website. According to the announcement, the two long-time suppliers will bring a “complementary and expanded range of products” and improved efficiencies that will lower prices and speed deliveries.

Imaging Spectrum has a 40,000 square foot warehouse in Plano, Texas, and has access to 17 other U.S. warehouses

Rich Mast, Pakor’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing states: “Pakor continues to be on the cutting edge of the photo industry and with the combination of both Pakor and Imaging Spectrum I am excited about the future of what we can offer our customers.”

Pakor, Inc., the leading distributor of photographic and passport supplies, announced today they are merging with long-time partner Imaging Spectrum.

Integration between the two companies is already well underway and will be seamless to our existing customers, the statement said.

Pakor began as Pako Corporation in 1912, a worldwide manufacturer of photofinishing, graphic arts and x-ray equipment. Pakor has established itself in the marketplace as synonymous with integrity, quality and reliability. Pakor serves national, regional, and independent retailers. Established in 1992 by two former Kodak employees with more than 50 years of combined experience in the imaging industry, Imaging Spectrum was one of the first all-digital imaging dealers in the United States. Imaging Spectrum is a dealer for most major professional photo printer and supply manufacturers including: Sony, Epson, Noritsu, Kodak, Sinfonia/Shinko, Mitsubishi, DNP, and Fujifilm, along with owning software companies Darkroom Software and PhotoReflect.


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