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Parabo Books launches photo book club

Parabo Press, the Madison, Wis.-based photo company, has started a photobook subscription serviceMeg Golz, director of marketing at Parabo Press, joined NBC15’s Hannah Anderson to talk about Parabo’s new Photo Book Club. The service automatically builds custom photobooks every time the user captures 50 photos on Instagram or in an album on a smartphone. Users sign up in the app, choose a book size and connect a source of photos. Users can also choose to print certain photos, connect multiple sources, or send books to others.

Parabo Press was originally launched in 2015 by the photo gear shop Photojojo, but it has been a standalone company since April 2018 after the Photojojo newsletter shut down. India-based printer Zoomin bought Photojojo in 2014.

The local NBC affiliate, WMTV, did the following segment on the new offering:


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