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Photo Finale adds Photo Education Series

DIY videos by photo expert Erin Manning drive consumer clicks, boost revenues

Photo Finale, the leader in white-label photo e-commerce services, announced the addition of a new photo education series to its popular Prestige line of products and services. Dealers running Photo Finale’s brandable website platform for photo product ordering can have the exclusive video content added to their sites. The presentation to the consumer is photo education, but the videos will feature product tie-ins geared to drive sales for Photo Finale dealers.

Erin Manning hosts DIY Studio

The videos are developed and hosted by photography expert and award-winning educator, Erin Manning, exclusively for the Photo Finale platform.

“Collaborating with Erin from the very start of the process allows us to shape the message and product tie-in to fit well with what our retailers offer and what we know will appeal to their customers,” explains Steve Giordano Jr., president, Photo Finale. “Then Erin adds her photo expertise and flawless delivery and we end up with an inspirational and informative 2-3 minute show engaging any level of photographer.”

“Photo Finale is a great partner to bring my passion and creativity to inspire consumers to capture their important life events with photos and video,” says Manning. “We will work together not only to motivate and educate consumers but also to drive orders to photo dealers.”

“All our retailers will benefit in a general way through helping their customers better utilize their own cameras and equipment, and when Erin demos a specific light and stand to improve shots or suggests a printed product application, we will connect the user with that item to purchase,” says Giordano.

The first three videos cover composition basics, lighting techniques, and graduation portrait tips. Upcoming video topics will include “How to look great on your next video call,” “Smartphone photography,” and “Taking great summer photos,” as well as more traditional photo themes.

Watch the first three videos on Photo Finale’s demo site:

Photo Finale’s Prestige line offers structured product groups that dealers can add to their sites to instantly expand their product menu, the company says. Prestige Photo Books, Prestige Gifting, Prestige Wall Décor, Prestige Essentials, and Prestige Signage are all wholesale fulfillment programs allowing a dealer to offer new product categories without adding equipment. Prestige Services is a set of packaged in-house services, like film development or scanning boxes, that dealers can add and tweak to match their on-site services. And now, Prestige DIY Studio introduces easy photo education and sharable content, with eventual product tie-ins.

[Editor’s Disclosure: Photo Finale is a sponsor of the Dead Pixels Society and a client of InfoCircle LLC, the site’s publisher. Also, Erin Manning provides the introductory voice to The Dead Pixels Society podcast.)

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