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Roundup of Nikon Z-series reviews

Press coverage of cameras and photographic products is a weird thing. Manufacturers curry favor with tech blogs and consumer sites that have a passing knowledge of photography but still have massive audiences. In many cases, tech blog reviewers jump from product to product, reviewing a game system or wireless speaker at one moment, then a DSLR the next.

That’s why, when a leading camera company like Nikon releases a new platform, it’s hard to read cringe-worthy tech-blog posts making goo-goo eyes at specs but not any real insight. For example, Engadget’s post, “Nikon’s Z7 mirrorless camera is a full-frame 45.7-megapixel beast,” manages to recap the tech talking points and provide no usable insight. (But what do you expect from a writer whose bio accomplishments include eating tacos and playing SNES.)

Among the better articles citing both the pros and cons of the new Z-system (which, face it, had a rather mixed reception, especially from sites aimed at working pros), are these:


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