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ScanCafe trims Bhutan photobook design workforce

The Bhutan-based subsidiary of ScanCafe, located at the Thimphu Tech Park in Serbithang, laid off 29 employees who were on probation period on June 17, due to COVID-19 concerns, according to Kuensel Online, the national news organization of Bhutan. The Scan Café facility designs photo books for Shutterfly customers, with a staff of about 250, the article said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Thimphu Tech Park, Tshering Cigay Dorji said that Scan Café management had been trying not to send off any employees despite pressure from falling business orders. However, since the Covid-19 situation had been worsening in the US, the situation became too difficult for the company, he said.

Scan Cafe’s Deputy Manager of Operations Jaget Adhikari said orders for photo books decreased by 40 percent from May and the company had tried to keep all its employees, but the situation was not getting better.


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