Scodix announces 50 million holiday cards were enhanced in 2020 season

Scodix holiday card sample

Scodix announced Scodix customers in North America have surpassed a combined total of more than 50 million cards with personalized and embossed foils for the 2020 peak holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

“We are delighted that the Web-2-Print business has seen outstanding continued growth, even during the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Jason Rollo, president, Scodix North America. “The numbers tell the story of how end-customers have chosen digital enhancement to boost their printed family holiday cards.”

The company said two main factors supported Scodix’ success during the 2020 holiday season: the Scodix Studio Web-2-Print Automation Workflow package coupled with the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press throughput and reliability. The Scodix Studio Web-2-Print automation workflow maximized throughput by automating print data pre-processing, whilst the Scodix Ultra press printed continuously in three shifts daily during the entire period, ensuring on-time delivery, the company claimed.