StoryFile launches Conversa AI platform for enterprise

Conversa for Enterprise

The LA-based conversational video startup StoryFile has launched Conversa, the first and only enterprise SaaS solution that provides tools to collect video, create and train AI interactions, and be published anywhere on the web. Conversa is a subscription-based web app that providing the technical tools for companies and institutions to create AI-driven conversational video for their teams, clients, and the public. It gives businesses control over their content, messaging, and branding. It gives audiences agency to enquire through an immersive, humanized experience that is engaging and impactful.

“Conversa is the engine that will revolutionize business communications,” said Stephen D. Smith, CEO of StoryFile. “It makes previously impossible asynchronous conversations possible, at scale, and forges a new kind of relationship between companies and their audiences. Wherever there is a question to be asked and answered, there’s an application for Conversa.”

StoryFile’s patents such as the  ‘Natural Conversation Storytelling System’ and ‘Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memory System’ provide the technological background to what the company describes as Video 3.0—interactive, multi-media, multi-modal, and metaverse compliant video content. Conversa is already in use by a number of Fortune 500 companies that use it for employee training, projects to preserve institutional memory, and for customer interactions of all kinds.

The Dead Pixels Society featured company cofounder Heather Maio-Smith in December in the podcast episode, “Preserving interactive family stories with Heather Maio-Smith, CEO and co-founder, StoryFile.  Listen the interview below:

In other StoryFile news, the company announced it is expanding its leadership team as the company scales operations. Heather Maio-Smith, one of the company’s co-founders and current president and CEO, was appointed to the newly created role of Chief Visionary Officer, and will continue to set the course for the future of storytelling and the many ways it can benefit humanity.

Heather Maio-Smith, co-founder, Storyfile

Stephen Smith, the current Executive Chairman of the Board and also a co-founder, succeeds Maio-Smith as Chief Executive Officer. Matthew Everitt joins the company as Chief Financial Officer, having recently served as Executive Producer of NBC’s World of Dance with Jennifer Lopez and in both CFO and CEO roles for the World of Dance organization.

The moves come after a successful 2021 in which StoryFile launched its StoryFile Life platform, brought its technology to Fortune 500 clients, began working with icon William Shatner as both a user of the platform and member of its advisory board, and raised an additional $5M in seed funding. StoryFile expects to close its Series A funding in the second quarter of 2022.