Vanguard Launches Much Anticipated Second Generation Travel Tripod: VEO 2

WHITMORE LAKE, MICHIGAN (PRWEB) JUNE 28, 2017 – VANGUARD, global leader in photo-video accessories and sports optics, is proud to introduce the highly anticipated second generation of its popular VEO travel tripod line; VEO 2. With an emphasis on lightweight, durable construction and slim silhouettes, VEO 2 is tailor-made for travel photographers. Weighing even less than its predecessor, and featuring all new materials – including a new carbon fiber technology -VEO 2 is the perfect passport for your travel photography!

“Vanguard’s new VEO 2 Travel Tripods are ultra-compact and lightweight to complement the travel photographer’s lifestyle,” said Director of Global Marketing Joshua Pawlak. “But, as a departure from the travel lines you may have come to know, the collection also offers some of the advanced features of robust, full-sized camera-support systems.”

Regarded as “The Collection that Knows its Way Around the World,” VEO 2 was inspired by everything that made the original VEO tripod so widely accepted, and yet Vanguard has made it even better!

Convenient options to suit your shooting style… Vanguard is releasing 12 different configurations which will include either aluminum or carbon fiber legs, a choice of 4 or 5 leg sections, 3 different color choices available in aluminum (black, red, or blue), and a choice between a ball head or a pan head. The new tripods are offered exclusively as kits, meaning you’ll be ready to shoot right out-of-the box!

Quick, easy set-up… The original VEO tripod collection revolutionized travel photo gear with Vanguard’s patented rapid center column rotation feature. This feature allows the VEO tripod to fold into a super compact travel size, and helps you set up more quickly. Vanguard’s new VEO 2 tripods employ the same center column feature for excellent on-the-fly functionality, however VEO 2 is even faster because it features advanced quarter turn twist-locks for ultra-fast leg extension.

Vanguard’s smallest silhouette yet! And there’s no compromise on compactness and portability either. VEO 2 easily fits into a standard backpack or carry-on. In fact, the tripods fold up to the smallest silhouette Vanguard has to offer, with the smallest of the VEO 2 models (204AB) measuring 15 ¾” in folded length, and the longest at 16 3/8”. In terms of height, VEO 2 extends to as tall as 59”. (VEO2 265AB, VEO2 265CB)

Versatility in the field… When it comes to travel photography, versatility and comfort-of-use is paramount, and VEO 2 delivers across the board. The 3 leg angles at 20°, 45° and 80°, the low-angle center column adapter, and angled rubber feet ensure perfect positioning and stability on uneven terrain. Compatible spiked feet are also sold separately. The tripod’s soft rubber handle provides an unbeatable grip, and there is a dedicated suspension loop on the canopy to accommodate counterbalance weight for additional stability

Solid, sturdy construction… Even with its remarkable portability, VEO 2 Tripods do not sacrifice sturdiness. Equipped with extra strong leg locks, VEO 2 tripods have a higher loading capacity than others of their kind.To round out the VEO Collection, Vanguard has also designed all new updated VEO travel bags, meant to perfectly complement the tripods, which Vanguard is calling its VEO Discover Bags. With innovative tripod carrying systems, the VEO Discover messenger bags and backpacks allow photographers to pack their compact VEO 2 tripod as a carry-on.

“The VEO Collection is the ideal option for photographers looking to minimize luggage and maximize impact,” Pawlak said. “VEO 2 and VEO Discover matches its competitors in terms of portability, but exceeds them with innovative and advanced features.”

VEO 2 was inspired and informed by the work and needs of passionate travel photographers. To support the launch, Vanguard is proud to have partnered with some of the best travel photographers in the industry, including VanguardPros Laurence Norah, founder of the popular travel blog “Finding the Universe;” Josh Bender of “Travel with Bender,” and world renowned landscape photographer William Patino.


Source: Vanguard Launches Much Anticipated Second Generation Travel Tripod: VEO 2