WCP Proudly Releases the Mobile Depth Imaging Report

WCP Depth Imaging
Woodside Capital Releases the Mobile Depth Imaging Report

Palo Alto, CA – July 26, 2017   WCP is pleased to announce the publication of the Mobile Depth Imaging Report. Depth imaging refers to the ability to create an image that includes depth information at each location in the image. Humans perceive depth using our two eyes to create “stereo vision”. While the applications thus far for 3D image sensing have been in the industrial, military and medical fields, the first consumer products started to emerge around 2010 with the Microsoft Kinect game accessory. Kinect was based on technology licensed from the Israeli company PrimeSense which was subsequently acquired by Apple in 2013.

Based on product developments from components companies like STMicroelectronics, AMS, PMD, and Sony, the use of depth sensing for consumer products has accelerated over the last year. 2018 will likely see a significant influx of new consumer products with 3D imaging capabilities, with the first applications in mobile and computing. The first mobile phone with depth imaging was introduced by Lenovo in 2016 and now multiple design wins have been announced. With Apple’s iPhone 8 expected to incorporate a depth imaging camera, coupled with Apple’s recent announcement of native augmented reality support in IOS11 (ARKit), the mass market consumer applications for depth sensing will start to become clearer. With a CAGR of 37.7% over the next five years, we expect the market for depth imaging & sensing devices to reach $9B by 2022.

The first sections of this report include the mobile depth imaging technologies and applications, as well as the Depth Imaging Market Map and Mobile Depth Imaging Mobile Forecast. Later sections include “What’s Next?”, regarding the increasing need for Active (IR) Illumination, lists of relevant M&A and Private Placement Transactions, and lists of private and public companies to watch.

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