Australia’s Emotion Photography to become EMOT

EMOT Photography website

Australian wedding photo service Emotion Wedding Photography will rebrand as Emot Wedding Photography,  according to Michael Warshall, co-founder and executive chairman, in a letter to prospective investors and supporters. The startup recently graduated from the Founders Institute and is preparing for international expansion. The company’s initial funding round has closed, with an investor portfolio groipu comprised of “a number of very prominent professional photographers, a prominent law firm, accounting firm, construction company and a very experienced photographic industry figurehead.”

Despite the disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, Warshall says the service recently booked its 100th wedding and is actively recruiting qualified photographers. The range of printed photo products is expanded.

“We have completed our rebranding to Emot and the latest web application is in the final stages of testing,” wrote Warshall. “The new website will enable our customers to have a seamless, experience in booking their weddings, without the cumbersome processes still used by our competitors. Our software checks photographer availability allowing the client to book instantly online. A contract is automatically generated and sent to the couple, and one is sent to the photographer. A communication portal is also sent to each, so that any changes and communication can be easily updated with all information automatically added to our CRM. All this automation allows us to provide the best and fastest service at a very competitive price.”

The Dead Pixels Society podcast interviewed Warshall in Sept., 2020, where he discussed the company’s customer-driven approach to wedding photography, how the company has adapted its services based on customer feedback, the decision to automate the entire process, and trends in the wedding business. Listen below or, better yet, subscribe on Apple, Spotify, or any other leading podcast directory.