Emotion Photography graduates from Founder Institute Silicon Valley

Emotion Wedding Photography, the new wedding photo startup co-founded by Australian serial entrepreneur Michael Warshall, has recently graduated from the Founders Institute Silicon Valley, completing a grueling 32-week program. Warshall co-founded the venture with Vittorio Natoli Emotion is part of FI’s Select Portfolio, a designation given to the top 2% of graduates from the pre-seed startup accelerator. These graduates have been hand-selected by the Founder Institute as companies with the utmost potential to quickly scale and grow into an enduring, global business.

To facilitate this growth, these graduates will receive special assistance and increased support from experts at the Founder Institute’s Silicon Valley HQ, including fundraising assistance, strategic advisory help, office hours, access to special events and partnerships, and more.

Emotion provides a no-fuss, easy-to-understand service ensuring proven and trusted professional photographers are connected with couples for their weddings. The Dead Pixels Society talked with Warshall for its weekly podcast back in September. Click here to listen.

Following is an interview Warshall conducted with the Founders Institute.