OPPO introduces microscopic magnification in its latest camera smartphones

OPPO Find X3 Pro with Microlens

Global smartphone company OPPO announce a microscopic lens on a smartphone called “Microlens.” The lens, which magnifies subjects 30 times optically, and 60 times with hybrid magnification, makes its debut on the OPPO Find X3 Pro.

“OPPO has always broken barriers when it comes to smartphone cameras, with several ‘firsts’ to our name. Microscopic imaging was a natural step in smartphone photography for us,” says Tarek Zaki, Senior Product Manager at OPPO MEA.  “The appeal of the unknown and unseen can’t be overstated. Curiosity and a desire for knowledge have seen humankind explore the deepest oceans and venture into the vast depths of space.”

OPPO’s Microlens went through several stages of development, learning from sapphire glass manufacturers and light guide manufacturers, to deliver never-seen-before magnification on a camera phone, the company said.

Technology innovations

The Microlens has a tiny ring light around the lens providing even illumination and keeps the subject bright. OPPO uses two side-emitting LED lights, carefully manipulating and matching the color temperature range with the Microlens’ custom ring-light to achieve significant results that a traditional LED would have been too large and bright to deliver. The Microlens is treated with a custom cleaning solution, making it over 10 times more resistant to minute specks of dust or hair particles that could easily degrade picture quality as they would also be highly magnified, the company said. Due to the unique mounting method required for Microlens, OPPO installed the microscope module on the back cover of the phone, instead of mounting it on the motherboard.