WhiteWall launches RoomView visualization tool for wall art

High-end wall-decor company WhiteWall has launched WhiteWall RoomView, a web app that provides a virtual view of how a photo print will look on a wall. ice. WhiteWall RoomView, which was developed internally, has been integrated into the website and no additional software is required. The user needs two photos: one photo of the room or the wall and one photo that is to be turned into wall art. The image of the room can be uploaded either on a computer or smartphone via QR code.

WhiteWall RoomView preview

Once the image for the future wall art is uploaded, it is automatically converted into a three-dimensional product preview. This contains all the product attributes and additional features such as glass and frame. To make sure that the wall art fits the size and perspective of the room, the user enters the dimensions (width and height) of a wall or an existing picture that is hanging in your room.

“Our new WhiteWall RoomView, which projects individual photography in the right perspective on your own walls, combines the best possible visualization with our WhiteWall expertise for optimum results,” says Alexander Nieswandt, founder and CEO of WhiteWall. “WhiteWall RoomView, which we have developed internally, provides sensational support for professionals as well as private users

In addition to the “Measure room” function, the feature “Clear wall” is used to empty the wall area, which makes pictures that already hanging on the wall disappear. The preview includes a “Set white point” function, where the user can click a button to take into account the lighting conditions of the room. The result is a preview of every WhiteWall product like aluminum dibond, acrylic or framed Fine Art prints.

“We are proud to be a pioneer in our industry with the introduction of WhiteWall Room View,” said Thomas Alscheid, CEO of WhiteWall. “Our primary concern is customer satisfaction. We are already working on even more features to dazzle our customers in the future and to help inspire them with our products.”