Canon debuts the imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner

Canon imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner

Canon recently launched the imageFORMULA RS40 dedicated photo scanner for restoring and digitizing old photographs. The scanner can offer batch scanning of up to 40 photos and 60 documents in a single-use either at-home or in-store. The imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner offers productive batch scanning of photos, with speeds up to 30 photos a minute and a feeder that can stack up to 40 photos. The document scanner can auto deskew scans and can remove scan through from marks on the back of the page, and remove the background from text scans. The RS40 auto-scans the back of photos and documents at the same time as the front, if the scanner detects an image or any text there.

The imageFORMULA RS40 photo scanner supports various types of photo and document sizes, from panoramas to receipts, meeting a wide range of digitization needs. The straight conveyor path minimizes the risk of feeding errors, ensuring important photos or documents remain intact as they are fed through, claims Canon.

The auto-fix functionality analyses the scene of a photograph and then automatically applies corrections to brighten and enhance the image, perfecting it for appearing on screens. The device also comes with several face processing functions including face smoothing, face sharpening, and red-eye correction. Plus, paper texture correction settings reduce matt patterns and fading corrections brighten work photographs.