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Finnish Innovator Loupedeck launches new Loupedeck+ photo editing console

Following the highly successful Amazon debut of the original Loupedeck console, Quantum Networks will exclusively handle all marketing and distribution for the Loupedeck+ on Amazon

“We are excited to once again partner with Quantum to continue the success of the original Loupedeck, and further grow the brand with the launch of the Loupedeck+,” says Andrew Coomber, Sales Manager of Loupedeck.

The first Loupedeck was launched on Amazon without a strategy in place. Quickly realizing numerous marketplace challenges, Loupedeck then partnered with Quantum to overhaul their brand’s Amazon presence, resulting in a 90% sales increase in only two quarters.

Quantum Networks, a top seller on Amazon, ensured these early results with high traffic advertising placements, a fully optimized listing, and pricing control. Quantum’s team of Amazon strategists will handle the Loupedeck+ launch, providing dedicated management and sales forecasting.

“With the original model, we were only able to make improvements to its existing Amazon page. The new Loupedeck+ allows us to launch and optimize the right way from the start. Our goal is to ensure that Loupedeck+ is as ubiquitous as the photo editing software it integrates with,” says Ksenia Pereverzeva, Brand Manager at Quantum Networks.

The Loupedeck+ is now available on Amazon,, and

About Loupedeck

Originating in Finland, Loupedeck was created from a love of photography and a need to enhance the editing workflow to become easier and more efficient. By recruiting the help of top developers and engineers, they shared their expertise and ideas with them to create the Loupedeck. After a successful crowdfunding campaign of its original model, Loupedeck is now launching the Loupedeck+ in hopes of making photo editing even more accessible, easier, and efficient.

About Quantum Networks

Quantum Networks is a New York City-based online retailer and digital marketing agency representing over 200 brands on the world’s largest online marketplaces. An e-commerce authority with 10 years of the most cutting-edge expertise, Quantum Networks has cultivated a core mastery of Amazon, where it is also a Top 200 seller. Providing one-on-one brand management and a clear preservation of brand identity, Quantum Networks executes full front- and back-end optimization of brands’ online presence. As an e-tailer, Quantum Networks is revolutionizing a faster, more efficient shopping experience with its solution-based Blucoil bundles, adding value for brands and customers alike.


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