Free photo sharing platform is announced interface is a new startup allowing users to upload images and automatically create a polished photo gallery housed in a shareable URL—all without a login. There is no sign-in or membership required to use the free platform.

“ is a straightforward, elegant, design-based solution to a common problem, with tremendous potential,” says Michael Connors, founder of “Think of it as a micro portfolio platform.”

Connors also founded the photo website, which allows users to share and download free stock photos. Connors claims he built to help him send images assets to his coworkers and soon realized the many uses for a simplified photo-sharing platform. home screen

To use, users open the website on their desktop or mobile devices, drag or tap, and upload their images. then creates a presentation deck with a unique url that can be easily shared. Users are also given the option to rearrange the image order, delete images and share the presentation by email or text. A special url is provided to return to the gallery to edit at another time. The gallery expires after 90 days and is limited to 50 images.