Google introduces partner program for Google Photos

If you’re an app developer or website guru having trouble keeping up with the latest image-recognition tech, you may want to look at the Google Partner program for Google Photos, announced as part of Google I/O. In a blog post by Jan-Felix Schmakeit, Google Photos Developer Lead, the company is offering tools and APIs to build smarter and faster photo and video experiences.

With the Google Photos Library API, your users can seamlessly access their photos whenever they need them.

Whether you’re a mobile, web, or backend developer, you can use this REST API to utilize the best of Google Photos and help people connect, upload, and share from inside your app.

Your user is always in the driver’s seat. Here are a few things you can help them to do:

  • Easily find photos, based on
    • what’s in the photo
    • when it was taken
    • attributes like description and media format
  • Upload directly to their photo library
  • Organize albums and add titles and locations
  • Use shared albums to easily transfer and collaborate

With the Library API, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your own storage and infrastructure, as photos and videos remain safely backed up in Google Photos.

Putting machine intelligence to work in your app is simple too. You can use smart filters, like content categories, to narrow down or exclude certain types of photos and videos and make it easier for your users to find the ones they’re looking for.

We’ve also aimed to take the hassle out of building a smooth user experience. Features like thumbnailing and cross-platform deep-links mean you can offload common tasks and focus on what makes your product unique.

There’s a developer preview of the Google Photos Library API; here is the link to the developer documentation where you can join the Google Photos partner program. The company says some early adopters include HP, Legacy Republic, NixPlay, Xero and TimeHop.