Holo Industries develops contactless-touch holographic products for germ-free interaction

Contactless-touch Holographic System

Convergence Promotions has developed a line of contactless-touch holographic products allowing users to interface with keypads, touch-screens, displays, and other interactive devices in mid-air. The contactless-touch holographic products will be released in North America and Europe under the brand Holo Industries.

The contactless-touch holographic systems are only possible through a pairing of Neonode Touch Sensor Modules (based on the Neonode zForce optical sensing technology), the ASKA3D Holographic plate from Asukanet, and other proprietary firmware and components from Holo Industries, resulting in a realistic holographic image with a highly-functional HMI (Human-Machine Interface).

Glenn ImObersteg, CEO of Convergence states: “This technology is a real game-changer: the public is demanding a safe alternative to touching controls and displays that harbor dangerous pathogens; building owners, airports, and restaurants are actively seeking solutions to protect their customers; manufacturers of elevators, kiosks, and ATMs are retrofitting existing systems and designing new germ-free products in response. As a result, we’re experiencing a great demand for Contactless-touch Holographic solutions.”