Lifeprint debuts instant print camera for iPhone

Attaches directly to an iPhone to instantly print photos

Today Lifeprint Products celebrates the launch of its new Instant Print Camera for iPhone, the printer case that actually attaches to an iPhone and turns it into an instant printing, photo-making marvel, available exclusively at Apple Stores. Most people already carry their camera everywhere they go via the iPhone. Now users can instantly print their favorite moments right then and there and share with friends and family.

At a time when more photos are taken, posted and digitally lost more than ever before, Lifeprint’s Instant Print Camera’s unique blend of digital and analog technology is a welcome blend of retro printing tech and new digital imaging technology.

From a digital and social perspective, the Lifeprint App does it all. From its Augmented Reality Hyperphoto™ Technology making photo prints come to life to offering Social Sharing, AR Facial Filters, Social Network Integration and complete Photo Editing Suite, Lifeprint is truly the most fully featured iPhone printer in the market today.”

From an App perspective, Lifeprint’s Hyperphoto™ technology is something truly special, and even a little mind-blowing. Lifeprint allows users to take a live video from within the App or any video from their camera roll and print it. Lifeprint uses a special Augmented Reality technology to embed a secret video inside the photo itself that can be discovered, recorded and shared on Instagram via the Lifeprint App.

Lifeprint’s patented social print sharing allows users to connect in the Lifeprint App and print photos directly to each other’s printers from anywhere in the world – so users can literally print photos to other’s printers from anywhere. Imagine taking a gorgeous video at a concert and then sending that print directly to friends across the country right from the show.

Lastly, Lifeprint’s new Augmented Reality facial filters are tons of fun and perfect for selfies with friends. The feature can turn a user’s face into cats or dogs or just simply get that perfect lighting with these awesome, if slightly ridiculous, filters.

Lifeprint’s Instant Print Camera hardware doesn’t disappoint. A spring-loaded cradle keeps the iPhone super secure so there’s no risk of it popping out of the printer. Plus, the slim design of the printer itself keeps the iPhone looking clean and sleek. And it’s even case-compatible, so users don’t have to remove their existing case to use the product.

The Instant Print Camera has an ergonomically designed grip and a shutter button that allows users to take photos and videos without having to tap the iPhone screen. The shutter button on the printer takes photos with no lag and one simple click. This feature really gives the product that retro, analog feel.

Robert Macauley, co-founder of Lifeprint, says, “What’s really so exciting about this product is the fact that you can bring it with you anywhere and it’s super easy to print with. I love my old Polaroid, but I already carry my iPhone camera with me everywhere I go. Now I don’t have to bring a second analog camera with me – it’s the best of both worlds.”

The Instant Print Camera requires no ink to print and all photos are printed on 2×3 inch “sticky backed” paper for easy decoration of rooms, lockers, bulletin boards, school books, scrapbooks, cards or frames. The printer comes in both black and white and is small enough to easily fit in a bag and comes with an included lanyard so users can easily take it with them anywhere. Lifeprint is compatible with iPhone 7 and later.

The Lifeprint Instant Print Camera for iPhone will be available for sale beginning Sept. 25, 2018, at $149.99 exclusively at and Apple Stores worldwide.

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About Lifeprint

Lifeprint was born out of a desire to free the world’s photos from digital screens and provide the opportunity to hold the magic of real photographs in one’s hands. Lifeprint is an app, a worldwide social printer network and a portable printer that enables a truly unparalleled photo experience. The printer and app allow users to create augmented reality photos, then instantly print those photos directly from their smartphone. Every photo can tell a story using the Augmented Reality Hyperphoto™ technology, truly bringing photographs into the new millennium. To learn more, visit