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Olloclip introduces mobile lens systems for iPhone 11, Samsung S10 and S10e

Olloclip’s iPhone 11 Pro Max Clip equipped with Macro lenses offer magnification to turn your iPhone’s camera into a digital microscope.

Olloclip® introduced one-piece clips and protective cases for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, along with the Samsung S10 and Samsung S10e. In addition to new clips and cases, Olloclip is re-introducing its Macro 10X Essential ($34.99), launching a new Pocket Telephoto 2X Essential ($64.99) and offering an updated Stability Kit ($65.99) that includes Olloclip’s BSR Bluetooth Shutter Release along with a super-light tripod and Pivot Grip stabilizer. The new Olloclip lens system allows any lens to be used with any clip, and to complete the transition the company will be rolling out a new iPhone 8/7 and 8Plus/7Plus clip in December, the company said.

“With the arrival of the iPhone 11 series and Samsung’s new S series, Olloclip is proud to continue innovating exciting solutions for mobile photographers who just want to shoot on their phones,” said Jim Weisz, CEO. “Olloclip’s unique unibody clips make attachment to the phone a breeze, and our precise engineering ensures that whatever lens is being used fits perfectly every time.”

The company’s new kits include:

  • Olloclip StartPack™ ($79.99) –Includes the customer’s choice of clip, the Telephoto 2X Start lens, the SuperWide Start lens, and the UltraWide Start lens.
  • Olloclip MacroProPack™ (starting at $199.99) – Includes the customer’s choice of clip along with all 5 of Olloclip’s Macro lenses: the 7/14X two-in-one, the Fisheye/15X two-in-one, the 10X Essential and the 21X SuperFine™ Pro packaged in a custom-designed case.
  • Olloclip ElitePack™ ($129.99) – Includes a phone-specific clip for the iPhone 11 series, Samsung S10 or S10e, along with the Fisheye/15X Macro Essential two-in-one, and the Pocket Telephoto 2X Essential. This kit is optimized for the newest phones on the market, giving mobile photographers all of the tools they need.

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