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Photo Finale releases version 13, with SMS notifications, performance enhancements

Photo Finale has updated Photo Finale web software to version 13, featuring dozens of new features. Among the highlights:

Photo Finale SMS notifications

SMS: Customers can now opt-in to receive a mobile notification via SMS when their order is ready for in-store pickup or has been shipped.

  • Now, faster: Platform enhancements, CDN, static asset servers, HTTP 2.0, etc.
  • View wholesale costs: Photo Finale has added wholesale price information for third-party products to reports and to product detail screens in myLab.
  • Product builder updates: When creating a product, users can now hover over a thumbnail to see it larger, filter by images used, and see how many times each photo has been used in a project.
  • Bigger upload size: When users upload photos, they still have three resolutions to choose from, but they have renamed them for clarity and increased the two non-original sizes that get uploaded.
  • Added support for customer entry of a store loyalty/rewards card on the Checkout Promotions page. Loyalty card numbers can be retrieved via the Photo Finale API only.
Expanded Preview
  • The Payment page in the Checkout workflow will now automatically select the first payment option for the customer by default.
  • Added Google Analytics tracking of terms used on the /search page.
  • Improved API retry success by utilizing a different API domain for each retry request, thereby ensuring a new connection is established and increasing the likelihood of it being served by a different server in our API cluster.




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