Photomyne Ltd. completes IPO

AI technology development company Photomyne Ltd., specializing in apps for family nostalgia and memory preservation, announced has completed its Initial Public Offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, under the symbol PHTM.

Photomyne scanning app

The company said, within six years of its launch, Photomyne has seen substantial growth in terms of both its user base and app suite: more than 20 million people worldwide have downloaded an app by Photomyne, and have converted more than 230 million photographs, photo slides, and film negatives into digital photos.

“Following such substantial growth in the past year and seeing how our key metrics maintained a steady rise over time, pursuing the IPO now felt like the natural next step for us,” said Nir Tzemah, CEO, Photomyne. “We are excited to have reached this point and complete the IPO, and we are equally excited to keep pushing Photomyne forward and reaching even greater milestones.”

The company’s suite of nostalgia apps and a web platform offer a holistic solution for preserving one’s personal and family history, offering: digitizing physical photographs, photo slides, and film negatives; colorizing black-and-white photos; building a family tree using family photos from the user’s phone; creating a life storytelling slideshow for celebrating people and family events, among others.