Picsart launches API program

Creative platform Picsart launched an API program. Through the new API, brands can utilize Picsart’s most popular and advanced editing tools, including the new one-touch Remove Background, Image Upscaling, and advanced filter capabilities. Picsart for Developers launched with eight partners, spanning creative companies in digital advertising, website building, and custom merchandising. Picsart will be adding more partners on an invitation-only basis in the coming months.

Hovhannes Avoyan, Founder and CEO

“Our vision is to empower creators everywhere, and Picsart leads the market with our innovative AI, photo and video editing capabilities. Offering our technology through APIs to developers is an exciting way we can support the booming creator economy,” said Picsart’s Founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan. “The speed with which digital creation occurs, and the demand from Gen-Z to personalize content and stand out from the rest, means companies everywhere must adapt to these realities and offer deeper creative experiences. Our API enables them to do that.”

“We had been searching for a way to help our customers more easily edit and upscale digital billboards on our platform, so we were happy to discover that Picsart’s API offered the perfect solution,” said Matei Psatta, Co-founder and CMO of TPS Engage. “We’re excited to be early partners with Picsart and look forward to offering more creative solutions to our customers with their powerful, user-friendly tools.”

In other news, Picsart acquired the learning platform Code Republic, which will be joining the company’s own Picsart Academy, started in 2016. The academy “provides world-class online learning opportunities for students of all levels in IT, including web development, AI, machine learning, data science, product management, and more,” according to a comany statement.

This new addition of Code Republic will allow Picsart Academy to support additional courses, topics, languages, and locations around the world. All 20+ Code Republic employees will join the Picsart Academy team. Picsart Academy courses are currently offered in the Armenian language only, and will be beginning a new round of in-person classes in Yerevan this month. Virtual English-language courses will be added later this year.