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Fujifilm closes New York City Wonder Photo Shop retail store

FUJIFILM North America Corp. announced an “updated strategy” for its Wonder Photo Shop retail model, which includes the shuttering of the FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop’s physical location in New York City at 176 Fifth Avenue, effective Sept 9, 2020. The new omnichannel approach will increase the ability to serve customers anytime, anywhere, while also introducing new photo print products to a broader audience.

Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop NYC

“We are grateful for the years of support of the FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop by the New York City community. After a successful four years in New York, and having gathered invaluable consumer insights, we’re looking forward to launching our new model that merges online and in-person options to provide maximum value to more customers,” said Manny Almeida, president, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corp.. “We look forward to continuing to delight customers nationwide with our expanded Wonder Photo Shop experience, promoting enthusiasm and joy in photography. We look forward to sharing updates about the new Wonder Photo Shop as we begin to roll out this model.”

Fujifilm says the new Wonder Photo Shop model will offer an “omnichannel experience where its shoppers will gain exposure to new and existing Fujifilm products both online and in-store.” Fujifilm will continue to share these customer learnings and insights with its key retail partners. The model will be rolled out in phases, beginning in October 2020 with an updated digital presence, expanding throughout 2021 to add at least one new location in the United States. This model will offer unique consumer product testing and evaluation, in-store printing with contactless technology, a curated selection of cameras and accessories, and more.

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