Peakto adds cross-app photo annotation

CYME adds annotation features to Peakto, the AI-powered photo meta-cataloger for macOS. Peakto allows photographers to annotate from the same interface thousands of images belonging to different photo editing software and different folders, including Lightroom, Luminar AI/Neo, Capture One and Apple Photos. This borderless annotation, which can be applied to hundreds of photo catalogs, complements Peakto’s automatic AI annotation that effortlessly assigns keywords and categories to images, the company says.

“Our photos are scattered in different folders, software and formats,”  said Matthieu Kopp, co-founder of CYME. “We created Peakto to put photographers back in control and allow them to find, sort and create albums from ALL their images. This new borderless photo annotation feature is a must-have for good organization and consolidates Peakto’s status as a centerpiece from which to explore, find, organize, select and export its photos.”

Peakto also recovers the annotations present in the original catalog and allows users to add new ones such as title, caption, author’s name, rights of use, and legal mentions. Peakto offers photographers two options to find a specific shot or make image selections: (1) keywords describing the image content automatically assigned by the AI, and (2) the photographer’s personal notes.