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Phase One launches Capture One 20

Phase One has launched the latest version of its image-editing software, Capture One 20, with enhancements driven by user feedback from the Capture One user community. These improved capabilities include a Color Editor and Noise Reduction Tool. These developments all stem from user-input and Capture One’s commitment to satisfy requests and deliver beyond.

“We want to enable creatives to achieve their best photos as effortlessly as possible, and that is why we drew heavily on feedback from our community to develop Capture One 20,” said Jan Hyldebrandt-Larsen, vice president, software business, Phase One. “It is our commitment to support them by providing a seamless photo-editing experience defined by developing the features they ask for and need, as well as innovating new features. Capture One 20 is an exciting moment for us, and we look forward to continue working hand-in-hand with creatives.”

Capture One is available in several versions. Capture One Pro 20 supports cameras from all major camera brands, while Capture One Pro 20 (for Sony) and Capture One Pro Fujifilm 20 supports cameras from those brands, respectively. The perpetual license for Capture One Pro 20 is available for 299 USD, with upgrade pricing from previous versions starting at 159 USD. Capture One Pro (for Sony) and Capture One Pro Fujifilm are available for 129 USD.

For those that prefer subscription models, Capture One Pro 20 is available for plans as low as 15 USD per month, and Capture One Pro (for Sony) and Capture One Pro Fujifilm subscription plans start at 8 USD a month.

A 30-day fully-featured free trial of Capture One 20 is available.

New features and tools in Capture One 20

Noise Reduction

Capture One 20 Noise reduction

Retain colors and details like never before when shooting with high ISO. With improved noise reduction, start your editing with better quality images.

Basic Color Editor

Edit colors faster with a new Basic Color Editor that’s compact and easy to use. Click anywhere on the photo and drag to adjust the hue, saturation and lightness of any colors – or edit with intuitive sliders. For more control, the Advanced Color Editor and Skin Tone tools are as powerful as ever.

High Dynamic Range tool

Do more with contrast and tone thanks to the new High Dynamic Range tool. Recover highlights, boost shadows, darken the blacks or boost the brightest areas of your photo – all in one tool.

Crop tool

Easily visualize and transform your crops thanks to the visible handles in the new Crop tool. Instantly crop from the center, rotate the crop or lock the aspect ratio using modifier keys.

Image culling

Save up to 50% of your keystrokes when sorting images – enable “switch to next” to automatically switch to the next photo when you rate or tag. Works with sets so you can easily review multiple images at the same time and manage big projects in a snap.

Scrolling tools

Work quickly and intuitively – scroll through all your tools with ease and pin your favorites to the top for instant access.

Copy Layers and Masks

Easily copy specific layers between photos – including photos with different formats and sizes – without replacing the existing layers on the destination photo.

Support for DNG files

Get the most accurate colors and sharpest details out of any camera model, drone or smartphone capturing DNG files.


Make a big difference to your workflow with small updates. We’ve added text to the icons so you can find tools instantly, made Masking tools easy to access and simplified the adjustments clipboard. Plus, get higher resolution thumbnails and adjust the viewer background color with one click.

Keyboard shortcuts

Edit faster with new default shortcuts for zoom, full screen, Focus Mask and much more. Plus, customize the shortcuts further to create your ideal workflow.

New camera and lens support

Capture One offers RAW support for all the major camera brands and provides profiling and image correction support for lenses. As with the RAW file interpretation, Phase One carefully measures the optical characteristics of each supported lens and builds correction algorithms that compensate for the various optical imperfections of various designs.

New camera support:

  • Olympus E-M5 III
  • Canon EOS M6 II
  • Canon EOS 90D
  • Leica V-LUX 5
  • Pentax K-1 II
  • Ricoh GR III
  • Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H
  • Nikon Z 50
  • Generic GoPro RAW support

New lens support:

  • Rodenstock 23mm iXU

For a complete list of supported cameras, please go to:


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  1. “There [sic] new capabilities include a Color Editor and Noise Reduction Tool.”

    OF COURSE these are not “new” capabilities – they (and many other features) have been in Capture One since the beginning.

    “Improved” is the word you’re looking for.

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