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Photo Finale announces major release update

Photo Finale announced a major update to Photo Finale 14 and a host of customization features. Details below:

PF 14 General Features & Fixes:

  • [NEW] Built-in rotation tool on the prints page, allows customers to rotate photos in 90-degree increments.

  • [NEW] The photo book builder now allows customers to select how many photo spots to initially put on each page, or “mix it up” as it has done in the past.

  • [NEW] Creative projects will now display a custom preview thumbnail on the Cart and My Projects pages, with the product thumbnail shown when you mouse-over the icon.

  • [NEW] Customers can now complete PayPal payments without having to sign up or log into a PayPal account.

  • [NEW] Fujifilm Wholesale catalog integration, featuring 250 outlab products.
  • [NEW] Faster loading of My Projects page for customers with a lot of projects.
  • [NEW] Support for Facebook Pixel analytics and conversion tracking
  • [NEW] Removed the extraneous “Add to Cart” popup after completing the book cover (step #2) in a custom-cover photo book product bundle.
  • [NEW] Sites with diminishing service fees configured now communicate that minimum order amount to the customer on the Cart page.
  • [NEW] Ability to disable “Preview Mode” for creative products on a per-product basis in myLab on the Product Details page.
  • [NEW] Automatically aggregate & bundle Fujifilm Wholesale photo-card products into the largest Fuji-offered batch sizes possible (12/25/50/75/100/200) to minimize wholesale costs.
  • [NEW] Umbraco content macro for scheduling HTML content changes to be published and/or expire in the future.
  • [FIXED] Part of the “I accept the Terms & Conditions” text on the membership signup page was hard-coded in English and has now been localized.
  • [FIXED] Migrated to a new, updated Google Maps integration to ensure ongoing compatibility.
  • [FIXED] Once the customer begins an upload, the social media shortcut buttons are hidden on the upload progress page.
  • [FIXED] Problem with resetting a user’s authentication token after submitting an order, which prevented things like the product search box from working on the Order Confirmation page.
  • [FIXED] The API will now attempt to translate external social media photos URLs into local storage URLs when a fulfiller requests the order XML data.
  • [FIXED] Workaround to handle improperly-formatted order status updates from District Photo fulfillment to obtain tracking information.
  • [FIXED] Improved Hungarian translations.
  • [FIXED] Incorrect French translation for “No additional charge”.
  • [FIXED] Error accessing some product via a direct Database ID link (PID) when the corresponding Category ID link (PCID) worked.

NEW!  Premium Bundles for Photo Finale

Customize your PF site with these bundles of features and functionality that make sense for your business:

  • User Enhancements Bundle (Subscription).  Add some bells and whistles to your site’s user experience! This extension adds features your customers will love.  As a bonus for dealers, we have included a few upgrades in this pack for you, too: get all future iPhone app upgrades at no charge and when we release the new kiosk in 2020 you will get the “text-to-upload” feature for free.
    • [NEW] Larger uploads.  Double the maximum file size customers can upload from 20 MB to 40 MB per image.
    • [NEW] Adds the photo editor for desktop browsers, featuring 7 great tools: Transform, Filters, Adjust, Text, Focus, Text Design, and Overlays.  Text Design includes 16 great templates for creative type expression.

    • [NEW] Removes the “Small Size” upload size from the site’s photo uploader
    • SMS order completion notifications for users
    • Free future iPhone app upgrades (initial app purchase required)
    • Free “text-to-upload” feature (coming in the new 2020 kiosk software)
  • Shipment & Delivery Master Bundle (Subscription).  This set of features is designed for dealers who want more control managing shipments to consumers and to/from wholesale outlabs.
    • [NEW] Postal address verification for US & Canada.  Automatic validation and correction of common errors.  Identification of missing apartment/suite numbers, invalid street numbers, undeliverable addresses, and more.  Automatic ZIP+4 encoding.  Depending upon the error condition reported, after 2 or 3 validation warnings customers are allowed to bypass.

    • [NEW] Delivery notification email.  Customers receive a notification email when packages from their order are delivered (either from your dealer or an outlab supplier).
    • [NEW] Wholesale shipment notification email.  Notification to your lab operators when an outlab ships a package to your store.
    • [NEW] Wholesale delivery notification email.  Notification to your lab operators when outlab packages arrive at your store.
    • [NEW] Real-time shipment tracking (coming soon in myLab: view current location/status of a package, as well as



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