Fujifilm launches NEOPAN 100 ACROS II in Japan, coming elsewhere in 2020

FUJIFILM Corporation announced the new generation of NEOPAN 100 ACROS II (ACROS II) black-and-white film will be available in Japan starting Nov. 22, 2019. After the initial launch of ACROS II in Japan, Fujifilm anticipates the introduction of the film in select overseas markets, including the United States, by early 2020, in 35mm and 120 size formats.

ACROS II offers a high level of granularity with pristine resolution achieved at a sensitivity of ISO 100, using Super Fine-Σ particle technology, the company claims. ACROS II will offer slightly higher contrast gradation in highlight areas when compared to the conventional ACROS film.

As the demand for film decreased and raw materials became difficult to procure, Fujifilm discontinued the sale of black-and-white film in 2018, the company said, but a new generation of film enthusiasts have reinvigorated demand.