Vivid-Pix, National Genealogical Society restore memories

Vivid-Pix and the National Genealogical Society announced they have partnered to drive new audiences through the doors of family history societies, libraries, archives, and museums through the Family Matters Community Engagement Program.

The Family Matters program combines NGS’s vast membership with Vivid-Pix and NGS solutions to assist families and loved ones with their family history pursuits.

Public interest in genealogy is at an all-time high. At the same time, many genealogy organizations are challenged to expand public outreach. With millions of DNA testers and even more people interested in family history, there is an imbalance between the public’s interest in genealogy and its understanding. The Family Matters program is designed to help the genealogy community and society.

“Family Matters provides organizations with the tools needed to connect with the public, combining the Vivid-Pix Memory Station scanning, image improvement, and story-capturing software; education on photo organization, family history, storytelling and photo reminiscence; and turnkey marketing to attract new audiences to the wonderful work that these organizations do,” said Rick Voight, CEO of Vivid-Pix.

“We are particularly excited that the toolkit includes a focus on memory care,” said Matt Menashes, Executive Director of the National Genealogical Society. “Many of us, Rick and myself included, have cared for loved ones, aging parents and grandparents with cognitive decline. Family history and photo-reminiscence help capture the stories of loved ones and improve cognition. With programming for caregivers and family members, the genealogy community can have a big impact on society and an even bigger impact on an individual’s quality of life.”