CreativeLive acquires to expand photography course portfolio

Online learning platform CreativeLive, a Fiverr company, announced its acquisition of the content and website of outdoor and adventure photography site, with contributors including Chris Burkard, Alex Strohl, Finn Beales, and Benjamin Hardman. With this acquisition, will be folded into CreativeLive, where workshops and content will reach a broader audience, including the millions of photographers who already use the platform. All students will have full access to their workshops and subscriptions through the CreativeLive platform, and the domain redirects to CreativeLive.

With the expansion of CreativeLive’s portfolio of photography courses, Fiverr aims to broaden the resources available to its community of freelance photographers, the company says. The new content from gives them the necessary tools and inspiration to take their careers to new heights or to simply explore new areas.

“Our roots run deep in photography – it is why I started CreativeLive and it is where my true passion lies. As a platform that seeks to meet the evolving needs of all different types of creators, acquiring and its content highlights our ongoing commitment to this space and to ensuring the future success of photographers everywhere,” said Chase Jarvis, founder, CreativeLive. “Photography is also an important and robust category on Fiverr, and so there is an incredible opportunity for photographers to learn new skills through new CreativeLive content, and then monetize their new skills on the Fiverr platform. The Fiverr network, including CreativeLive, cares deeply about empowering talent and providing them with the tools they need to grow professionally. This acquisition solidifies that commitment.”

This addition of Wildist’s courses expands on CreativeLive’s existing collection of more than 1000 photography classes. This acquisition also expands the platform’s roster of top-tier instructor talent. was founded in 2018 by photographer Strohl and brand innovator Laura Schmalstieg.

“Access to the knowledge of world-class photographers is limited — our goal as a platform has always been to bridge the gap between expert photographers and enthusiasts, and facilitate an in-depth learning experience that makes a student feel like they are there in person,” said Strohl. “Fiverr and CreativeLive share the same goals, and we’re excited to see our content reach a wider audience.”