di support announces new kiosks, apps at photokina

Instant Print from Smartphone

Fast and beautiful like never before

At the photokina 2018 in Cologne from 09/25/2018 to 09/29/2018, di support will present a broad portfolio of new products around the instant printing of photos. Fast, individual and beautiful – this is how the new photo products from di support, which are aimed especially at smartphone users, present themselves. Ralph Naruhn, CEO of di support GmbH, explains: “Thanks to our PrintCube, this year was certainly the craziest in our company history – and in a positive way. We are all the more pleased to be able to come to Cologne with many new products. We’ve been working on the concept for a long time and we are constantly looking to inspire smartphone users. We provide our customers with products that are quick, individual and beautiful or perhaps better put “cool & trendy”. ”

A key role will be taken by the PrintCube, which was introduced earlier this year. This revolutionary system, which allows the printing of instant photos directly from smartphones and from previous kiosk terminals, has already found many friends in the market. Now, di support will introduce the second variant, the PrintCube L. This now allows customers to print large format photos up to 20 x 80 cm.

di support will also offer innovations at photokina. The PrintCube apps for iOS and Android have received many more creative products and smart editing tools. The new G6s Kiosk Software – “s” stands for spartphone optimized – will be introduced as a further development of the previous and very popular G6 Kiosk systems and fits perfectly into the new symbiosis of mobile and retail business. Instant printing from smartphones is being given the fullest dedication and the business with instant photos is being newly developed. This explains the rapid development of pixolo’s new photo-lifestyle product range. The latest novelty is the “Photo Book” and presents itself as the fastest photo book in the world, which is extremely easy to design by smartphone (as well as at the kiosk) and can be printed within a few minutes. The entire process can be done via self-service and without costly subsequent binding, which is likely to please the customers of instant photos. In any case, today it’s increasingly more about fast availability as well as the shopping experience, and this is where the product innovations of di support come together.

Here are some product highlights for photokina 2018 at a glance:

Instant Print systems:

PrintCube L

PrintCube L:  The PrintCube L can print formats from 20 x 30 cm to 20 x 80 cm. As soon as the PrintCube L is installed, the additional formats can be offered to customers via the PrintCube app and to any existing G6 kiosk terminals. In addition to photo prints, collages and panoramic photos, creative banner products such as meter measurements for children’s rooms can be printed. The PrintCube L can be placed optimally at the POS using the TreePod floor stand and the specially developed Large Format Presenter – PrintCube L Extension – and offers customers a convenient and attractive photo output in self-service mode.

PrintCube pixolo Panel: For those who want to achieve maximum sales in the smallest of spaces, there is now the so-called PrintCube pixolo Panel for the PrintCube. This can be mounted directly on a PrintCube and offers salesroom for pixolo items. Customers standing in front of a PrintCube while printing their images have access to further inspiration right at eye level. If a customer likes an article they just have to take it off hook, enter the product code in the PrintCube App, design the selected product and print it on the PrintCube.


PrintCube App: The app is particularly characterized by the fact that you can now order your instant photos from anywhere in the world. The ever so popular kiosk thus wanders from the smartphone into the pocket of the customer. The customer gains flexibility and no longer has to transfer their pictures from their smartphone onto the terminal and receives maximum privacy on their mobile screen. The PrintCube App and pixolo also pair up. All photo-lifestyle products are now available for designing in the app – a special highlight worth mentioning here is the instant photo, which is initially available in square format 20 x 20 cm. Customers will only pay once they actually print and collect the photos on the PrintCube.

G6s Kiosk Software: Immediately after starting the new G6s Kiosk Software you can already see the first changes. In a quick selection, the customer can choose between instant photo, pixolo and – if available – the order service lab. If the customer likes a product from the advertisements running on the terminal, they simply have to select it and can start designing the product directly. The entire workflow is optimized for the rapidly growing smartphone user customer base, which has already taken over a 60% majority. For example, the customer is also explicitly asked if they want pictures from their smartphone and will then be guided accordingly by the system. In addition, the entire portfolio of pixolo products is available under the menu item Immediate Gifts.

pixolo – Foto Merchandise/ DIY Lifestyle Artikel

Photo Book: Until now you could never get your photo book via app or kiosk faster. This world premiere at photokina is the next big milestone within pixolo’s photo-lifestyle product range. Gordon Schaub, Art Director of di support GmbH, explains: “With the Photo Book, we have set ourselves the goal of developing a photo book that is available immediately and without the intervention of third parties. With easy handling, trendy personalization and a pleasant feel. As usual, we wanted to break with what we have done so far and bring something cool and new. The Photo Book doesn’t only look great, it also feels great. ”

The ordering process looks like this: The customer chooses a pixolo Photo Book in retail stores and enters the visible product code in the PrintCube App or at the G6s Kiosk Terminal. Now, the Photo Book selected off the shelf is displayed on the screen and can be designed. At the end of the ordering process, the customer receives a pick-up receipt, which they can then scan on the PrintCube and then print the exact matching prints for their photo book. If on a certain page a special design or image size has been selected, they are printed as accurately as they were previously seen on the screen.  The printouts are numbered and can therefore be easily sorted by the customer into designated pockets in the book. The cover has shapely cutouts, which correspond with the see-through first page, so that the customer receives an individual cover. The book is supplied with a noble, writable slipcase, which protects the book and simultaneously presents it as even more valuable. Also, in the choice of materials we have come up with something special. The cover has an especially high-quality matte and silky soft surface. The Photo Book is available in square format 20 x 20 cm in black and white.

Square Formats and Panorama Frame Box: Due to their uniqueness, pixolo’s Magnetic Frame Card and Frame Box have become the customers’ favorite right from the start. For this reason, di support has greatly expanded this product group for photokina. Now the Frame Card and Frame Box are also available in the popular Square Format as well as the Frame Box in Panorama format. The latter can accommodate up to three frame cards in different sizes. By expanding the range, countless combinations can now be made. There are no limits to creativity and it is also supported by many other pixolo product innovations. Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at the trailer “Give your photos the right frame”: https://youtu.be/7RrYYd1z834

More pixolo novelties in Short: For the production of the folding greeting cards, special technical equipment is no longer needed. As a result, the Photo Cards are now pre-assembled and can be easily customized by entering the Product Codes on the PrintCube App or at the Kiosk Terminal. If you would like to send greetings to your sweetheart, you can do so with the new Photo Heart or Photo Star. These are 3D Plexiglas ornaments, which can be personalized in the interior by a photo or a message. Additionally, there are the many new 3D stickers for different occasions, which you can use to decorate all the photo products related to the topic and set the stage. If you’d like to make a calendar at the end of the year, you can now have it much easier. For the new so-called calendar clipboards, software can be used to print custom-fit calendar sheets that look great in combination with the trendy clipboards.